The 5 most unbreakable records in the NBA since the 90s

The 5 most unbreakable records in the NBA since the 90s

The NBA has been mesmerizing since the 90s. Before that, the NBA games were relatively dull, and sometimes even boring. However, in the past 30 years since the 90s, the NBA has witnessed the rise of many superstars, and also produced countless jaw-dropping records. These records, although they may be broken as the NBA continues to develop and progress, but there are five records that I dare to assert, will be immortal, and almost impossible for future stars to reach.

First of all, we have to mention Michael Jordan, who won the scoring title ten times in his career.

Perhaps some people think that to become a scoring champion, you just need to keep shooting, but this idea is too naive. In the NBA, too many offensive attempts will increase the risk of injury, and if the player's playing time is not enough, even if the average score is high, he can not get the scoring title. Currently, the most scoring titles in NBA history are only four times, held by Kevin Durant, followed by James Harden with three times, Joel Embiid with two times and Stephen Curry with two times. And Michael Jordan's ten scoring titles are almost impossible to reach. He has excellent offensive skills, top physical fitness and amazing stability.

In today's NBA, we can hardly find any star who can compare with him. Perhaps we have to wait another 30 years to see if there is a star who can approach this record.

Next, let's focus on Tim Duncan, who is the only player to achieve 1000 wins with the same team. To achieve 1000 wins with one team is undoubtedly a huge challenge. Players have to overcome the changes of teams and systems, while maintaining a stable performance for ten years to achieve this record. And in today's NBA, teaming up has become a fashion. Players tend to change teams frequently. Therefore, Tim Duncan's feat of one man one city 1000 wins will become more and more scarce.

Even a player like Stephen Curry who has won four championships only has more than 500 wins. This gap makes people sigh.

Looking back at history, we have to mention Kobe Bryant's 81-point performance. When you see players like Donovan Mitchell and Damian Lillard have 70+ points feats, you will truly understand how incredible Kobe's performance was that year. Today's NBA is known as the shooting era. Defense has almost become a formality. The intensity of the game is relatively low. In this situation, players can unleash their offense more easily. But as the score increases, the difficulty also increases exponentially.

Even if you have excellent offensive skills like Kobe, you can hardly have his endless stamina. Therefore, Kobe Bryant's 81 points are much more valuable than Wilt Chamberlain's 100 points.

In NBA history, there is also a player who won the youngest MVP award at only 22 years old. He is Derrick Rose. To win MVP at such a young age is a sign of genius. In the 2011 season, Derrick Rose beat LeBron James for MVP award and set the record for the youngest MVP in history. Nowadays, even if a player wins MVP at 25 years old, it is already considered a very young achievement.

To surpass Derrick Rose is undoubtedly a daunting task. After all, his feat is so hard to reach.

Finally, let's talk about LeBron James' "311". This record is almost impossible to break because it is hard enough to score 30000 points in an NBA career. Most players can hardly reach this level. Not to mention having an all-around performance like James with 30000 points, 10000 rebounds and 10000 assists. To achieve this feat, players must have extremely high basketball talent and physical fitness as well as a very long career.

At the same time, they must also maintain a high level of performance for a full 20 years which is very rare. James is such a basketball "monster" who successfully reached this record.

Looking back at these great moments in NBA history, we can't help but admire these record creators who have unparalleled talent and perseverance. Their achievements are role models for generations of fans and players as well as goals for future players to pursue. Although the NBA continues to develop and new stars emerge constantly but to surpass these classic records is very difficult.

In this competitive world every player wants to be the next Jordan Duncan Kobe Rose or James.

However these NBA greats' achievements have become historical treasures that cannot be easily surpassed. Their legends will always inspire future players to challenge their limits and pursue excellence.

In summary since the 90s NBA has produced many remarkable records and great moments. These record creators have shown unparalleled basketball talent and perseverance. Their achievements have become part of NBA history and always inspire new generations of players to pursue excellence. These five records including Jordan's ten scoring titles Duncan's one man one city 1000 wins Kobe's 81 points Rose's youngest MVP and James' "311" will always shine in the history of the NBA and become part of the basketball legend.

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