Free Throws Matter: A Look at the Top 10 Players Who Have Attempted the Most Free Throws in the NBA in 20 Years

Free Throws Matter: A Look at the Top 10 Players Who Have Attempted the Most Free Throws in the NBA in 20 Years

Free throws can make a big difference in an NBA game. They are the least valuable shot, but they also stop the clock and change the tempo of the game. This shows how much free throws matter. And you know what we mean when we say 21. In a hundred years of NBA history, who has been to the line the most?

FW, a US media outlet, recently gave a comparison of how many free throw attempts players have had in the NBA in 20 years. We will see how some of the stars stack up below. We will also give you the exact numbers for the players in the top 10 at the end. Let's learn together and go! Some of the big stars like Duncan and Paul, especially Shiver, didn't crack the top 10 for free throw attempts. Of course, the data is from 20 years ago, so Duncan was affected a lot by that. The two specifically had Duncan with 4803 tries and Paul with 5435 tries!

Kobe Bryant with 6834 tries

He is eighth in this category in the NBA's last 20 years (many seasons were cut short). This shows that among the many stars of the 21st century, Trump didn't get that many free throw attempts, which has a lot to do with how he played. Trump shot more later on, so he didn't have a lot of free throws. Behind Kobe are DeRozan with 6725 tries and Nowitzki with 6161 tries.

Kevin Durant with 7487 tries

KD is fifth in this category. He has 7487 free throw attempts. In games, Durant got to the line a lot during his Thunder days. If he hadn't left, maybe Moore, the scoring king, and his free throw attempts would have increased a lot, but would he really have been able to get two championships +2FMVP?

James Harden with 8556 tries

The big beard is third here! This is not surprising, or maybe for many fans and friends, this 8556 is a bit low. After all, during his peak with the Houston Rockets, most of Harden's points came from free throws. He could hit threes, drive to the hoop and look for contact to get fouls, which made other teams admire him!

It's worth mentioning that Dwight Howard is second with 9445 free throw attempts!

How much is James worth

No doubt, he's number one! The next number breaks ten thousand and reaches eleven thousand! This is actually not surprising for fans, because even though he's already 38 years old, James still

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