NBA halts investigation on referee Lewis, who opts to retire and leaves Lakers and Celtics in shock

NBA halts investigation on referee Lewis, who opts to retire and leaves Lakers and Celtics in shock

The NBA has announced that it has halted the investigation on referee Lewis, who has told the league that he will retire and no longer officiate for the NBA. This means that in the new season, both the Lakers and the Celtics will lose this legendary referee, who has been a huge factor in their games.

According to the official report from the NBA, Lewis missed a foul call on Tatum against James in the final moments of the game between the Celtics and the Lakers last season, resulting in a loss for the Lakers. This scene was unforgettable for the fans, as Beverley showed Lewis a high-definition video of the moment, clearly showing Tatum hitting James' arm. However, Lewis ignored the evidence and let James kneel on the ground, while the Lakers lost in agony. After the game, Lewis ignored the criticism from the netizens.

Shockingly, statistics show that Lewis officiated 90 games for the Celtics in his career, with 60 wins and 30 losses, a winning percentage of 66.7%! And since 2020, he officiated 18 games for the Celtics, with 18 wins and 3 losses, a winning percentage of 85.7%! This made him the most successful referee for the Celtics, and also made people wonder if there was any bias involved.

Historically, the Celtics and the Lakers have always been rivals. One can imagine how wronged the Lakers were at that time! This was not only an important evidence of NBA's manipulation, but also a pain that never faded in the hearts of Lakers fans. However, with Lewis' retirement, the Lakers can no longer seek justice, and can only silently endure the humiliation of this loss.

The Celtics, on the other hand, continued to improve their strength in this summer's operation. They successfully reached the Eastern Conference Finals and re-signed Brown. They also traded for Porzingis, making their prospects look bright. However, in the upcoming new season, without Lewis' officiating, will it affect their game process? This became a focus of concern for many fans.

Anyway, Lewis' retirement undoubtedly brought a huge shock to the entire NBA league. His decades of refereeing career will be forever remembered, and the referee circle will also miss a star. For the two greatest teams in history, the Lakers and Celtics, his departure is destined to be heartbreaking.


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